Sara Al Madani – An Ambitious, Passionate Force to be Reckoned With

15 Jan 2020

Her Excellency, Sara Al Madani, has been a go-getter since she was a teenager. The admirable entrepreneur has attributed her self starting, diligent spirit to her parents, who showed an excellent example of working hard to achieve your goals. This makes perfect sense when one considers that Al Madani took the working world by storm at the young age of fifteen, when she opened up her fashion label, Rouge (now known as Sara Al Madani Fashion Design). Her title doesn't end here, though. Al Madani is also the owner of Shabarbush restaurant, as well as Social Fish, the noteworthy creative consultancy group. All of Sara Al Madani's ventures have accumulated dozens of well-deserved and hard-earned accomplishments, some of which include an Emirates Woman award for Best Strategic and Financial Planning and an SME Emirati Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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