Michael Phelps – The “Flying Fish” Receives a Dubai Star

20 Jan 2020

Michael Phelps is considered one of the best swimmers the world has ever seen; he stands as the most decorated Olympian in history. Phelps had stated that he fell in love with swimming as a child when his mother wanted him to learn to stay afloat. By the age of 15, Phelps qualified for his first Olympics and by 15 and 9 months, he set a new world record for fastest 200-metre Butterfly; Phelps broke his own record soon after at the World Championships held in Fukuoka, Japan. Phelps' career achievements speak volumes of the rare talent he possesses. In 2016, Phelps became the first male American swimmer to qualify for a fifth Olympics. However, what world-renowned coaches and sports enthusiasts find most impressive, is that he accomplished this qualification at 31, an age past the commonly-believed swimmer's peak, and still won multiple gold medals at the event.

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