Mattar Bin Lahej – Pioneer in Emirati Art

20 Oct 2019

Mattar Bin Lahej is an Emirati artist whose career spans over two decades. Bin Lahej has stated his delight that the UAE has begun to establish creative spaces for artists and the public to enjoy. The artist recalls a time where art was not so easily accessible; as a young boy, he would find alternative ways to integrate drawing into his everyday life, such as tracing on sand while all the other neighbourhood children played together. In 1991, Bin Lahej opened a gallery of his own, Marsam Mattar, and became the first artist to manage a space as such in the UAE. He has displayed his work all over the world; some notable exhibitions that have portrayed Mattar Bin Lahej's work are Sikka Art Fair in the UAE, Liquid Identity in Italy and Contemporary Istanbul in Turkey.

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