Manal Rostom – Climbing Above Cultural Stereotypes, One Mountain Peak at a Time

21 Jan 2020

Born October 30th, 1979, Manal Rostom is an Egyptian marathon runner and ambassador for sportswear industry giant, Nike. Rostom was born and raised in Kuwait to a family that did not partake in wearing the traditional hijab; however, after surviving a life-threatening accident, Rostom began to wear the item everyday. The inspirational athlete has recounted that fellow mountaineers are often shocked to see a woman in a hijab during an expedition. She has stated that she is proud to change the perception of veiled women in the world by proving it has no bearing on her ability to further her goals and claim a name in the world of sports. A natural self-starter, Rostom organised her second expedition to Mount Everest's base camp, along with a group of hijabi women, to break the stereotype and spread the message that her highly followed Facebook group, Surviving Hijabi, stands for.

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