Leonard DiCaprio awarded with a Dubai Star

30 Sep 2019

Born in 1974 in Los Angeles, California, Leonardo DiCaprio is an award-winning actor and a three-time Academy Award nominee. He is known for his unconventional, edgy roles and scoring an Oscar nomination for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape in 1993 when he was just 20. DiCaprio starred in the epic drama Titanic, which made him a massive star. He also received a Golden Globe nomination for his work in "Django Unchained" and starred in other Academy Award-nominated films such as "The Great Gatsby", "Inception" and "Shutter Island". A talented actor and film producer, DiCaprio is also an environmental activist. He donated over $100 Million to various environmental organisations including the World Wildlife Fund and his own founded Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation promoting the world's wildlife from extinction.

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