Hu Ge – Celebrated Chinese Actor is awarded a Dubai Star

21 Jan 2020

Known as Hugh Hu, Hu Ge is a prominent Chinese actor and singer. Born 20 September 1982, Hu Ge wasted no time building his name in the entertainment industry, hosting Sunshine Youth, a popular TV show in Shanghai at only 14. His acting career began with TV commercials, which not only made him financially independent before he graduated high school but also got the attention of Tangren Media, a well-known entertainment and media company. However, it was his leading role in the 2005 hit TV series Chinese Paladin that made him an instant celebrity, leading him to star in multiple iconic TV series. The historical film 1911 marked his big-screen debut, winning him Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards. From then, roles in hit films, TV series and a stint in theatre gained him not only widespread notoriety but also multiple internationally recognized awards as Best Actor.

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