Critically Acclaimed Actress Zhou Xun Awarded with a Dubai Star

9 Jan 2020

Zhou Xun came from humble beginnings. Born to working, middle-class parents in the city of Quzhou, Zhejiang, and paved her way to international fame. After completing middle school, the actress, who had dreamt of performing, enrolled in the Zhejiang Arts Institute - a decision that effectively changed the course of her life. Her first big break came in 2000 when she performed in Palace of Desire as young Princess Taiping, which got her a Best Supporting Actress win at the China TV Golden Eagle Awards. She has received an abundance of awards and nominations since, both in her home country of China and internationally. Xun has been a longtime advocate for environmental sustainability and works closely with United Nations Development Programme; she gained the title as their Goodwill Ambassador for China in 2008 and consequently acted as the Green Ambassador at the 2010 World Expo, held in Shanghai.

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