Casey Neistat – American Filmmaker, Co-Founder and All Around Self-Starter

20 Oct 2019

United States native Casey Neistat started his career as a Youtube personality. Born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut in 1984, Neistat made a name for himself from scratch. The renowned vlogger left home at the age of 17 and worked odd jobs until 2001 when he began a filmmaking career with his brother. In 2010, Neistat took to YouTube and started to post socially relevant vlogs, which garnered increasing amounts of attention from both the public and world-renowned publications, such as Time and New York magazine. As of today, Casey Neistat boasts a whopping 11.5 million followers. He has performed internationally viewed TEDx talks and brands such as Nike, Samsung and Google have hired him to create promotional adverts. Neistat's latest venture is 368, a space in New York city for like-minded creatives to come together and collaborate.

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