Beyoncé – R&B’s Queen Bey is Awarded a Dubai Star

15 Jan 2020

Born in Houston, Texas in 1984, Beyoncé is an American singer and international music idol. The singer began her career at an early stage in life; when she was eight, she became part of a group called Girls Tyme. Her promising performances are what prompted her father, Mathew Knowles, to quit his job to manage Girls Tyme. In 1996, Columbia Records signed a record deal with the group, who then changed their name to Destiny's Child. Thus began the path to an enormously successful career for Beyoncé. The illustrious singer has since become the most nominated artist in Grammy Awards history and boasts an incredible 100 million record sales worldwide for her solo albums, which officially makes her one of the bestselling musicians of all time. Beyoncé is married to Jay-Z, a rapper and equally adored American musician, and together they have three children.

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