Amitabh Bachchan – The Shahenshah of Bollywood Awarded with a Dubai Star

15 Jan 2020

Amitabh Bachchan is a name that has become synonymous to Bollywood royalty. Bachchan's exemplary career has spanned over half a century, and he is regarded as an emblem of cinematic success throughout the world. He first came to the attention of the public in 1970 with his film Zanjeer and has remained in the spotlight ever since. In the '80s, Bachchan was tied to so many Bollywood projects that he was dubbed as a "one-man industry". CNN listed him as one of the most influential Asian actors of all time and Time magazine nicknamed him the "Undisputed Godfather of Bollywood". The legendary actor possesses 335 award wins, along with countless nominations. Bachchan has been conferred with the 'Knight of the Legion of Honour' by the French government for his achievements in film and was subsequently given honorary citizenship.

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