Abdul Majeed Abdullah – One of Saudi’s musical greats is awarded with a Dubai Star

29 Sep 2019

Born August 18th 1963, Abdul Majid Abdullah has grown to become one of Saudi Arabia's most illustrious musicians. The singer's talents were discovered and encouraged by teachers at his school in Jeddah. He has performed in both music and theatre before being awarded given the opportunity to cover popular songs at the local radio station. His trajectory to fame truly begun at age 13. Abdullah's first concert was a huge hit and allowed him to collaborate with established musicians, such as composer Sami Ihsan and Talal Maddah. In his lifetime of success, Abdul Majid Abdullah has released and been a part of a whopping 30 albums. He has collaborated with artists who come from various countries throughout the Middle East; however, one of the highlights of his career was his cover of "Abki' ala ma Jara ly ya hali", an old classic from Saudi's legendary musician, Tarek Abdulhakim.

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